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 I know it's been a while since this was last discussed, but we now have forum decals available.

We have a round decal which is designed to adhere inside the windscreen or rear window and be viewed from outside.

The rectangular decal has the adhesive on the back and is designed to be mounted on toolboxes, bumpers, etc. This decal is available in two colour options with either a yellow or black background with contrasting cars/text.

They are available as a set comprising of one round and one rectangular decal. If you want both colour options then you need to order both sets, we can't sell individual decals. Sorry, but that's the way the print run worked out.

The cost is $2 (USD) per set, which includes postage.

All payments are via a dedicated Payal account but if you don't use Paypal then contact us for alternative options. To keep postal costs down, your order will be shipped either from the US or the UK.

Ok, so how do you get them ? It's a 2 step process, firstly make contact to place your order and then pay via Paypal.

1.USA & the Rest of the World orders from Grumblebuns ( europastickers@outlook.com ) (joji email)

2.European and Australian orders from EuropaTC ( europatwincam@gmail.com )

3.Payment for all orders to europastickers@outlook.com  (Joji’s paypal link)

Your email must include
1.Your name & full postal address (which will be cut/pasted for shipping)
2.Which set (or sets) you want to order.

You’ll receive confirmation of your order and updates when shipped out.


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