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Brake upgrade kit


I have been using some of my spare time making this kit together with Michael from Mio Engineering.

We have made several different kits all using the Wilwood Dynalite caliper, which is a four pot caliper made from aluminium.
The kits are:
-   Stand disk size Lotus Europa & Elan. For use with std. steel rims.
-   GT6 (Elan +2) disk size. For fast road and track, just fits inside my 13” minilite rim.
-   Ventilated Ø260 mm rotor on aluminium hub. For size 14” rims and the serious autocrosser or hard track use.
The kits contain all you need; Wilwood Dynalite calipers, brake disks, specific CNC’ed caliper bracket made from anodized 6082 aluminium, steel brake hoses and bolts and washers.

The kits will fit all cars using the Triumph Herald / Spitfile upright, so Lotus Seven, Elan, Elan +2, Europa and early Esprit’s. We have also made one for the newer Catherham uprigt, which uses a radially mounted caliper.

I have been using the kit with the GT6 brake disk for the last year, and it is one of the best upgrades I have ever made. No more sticking vacuum power assist, a very firm pedal with lots of feel and grip, and then there is the massive weight saving of 1.8 kg. pr. wheel, and it’s the good unsprung kind  ;D.

We have also made a kit for the Elan’s rear brakes, but that won’t fit on the Europa, but we have been looking into making a conversion kit from drum brakes to disk brakes, so we might have something later on.

Please have a look on the website, as you can see there has been put more effort into the parts than the website  ;)

If you are interested please give Michael a call or send him an e-mail.

I have also attached a few pictures of some of the other stuff we have done, eg. Elan rear brakes and centrally mounted clutch cylinder.


You have a very nice brake upgrade kit for the Europa. I was looking at your web site and spotted your throttle bodies for the Zetec.

This is exactly the upgrade I have been wanting to do to my Zetec.

Can you tell me a bit more about setup?


Hi Joe

Thank you.
I will answer your question in a new thread so we don't mix things up.
Here is the link to the new thread:

Do you have a rear disc kit too?  I the web link in forst post, it did not work


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