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Converting a Left Hand Drive Car to Right Hand Drive

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I am about 3/4 way through doing this. I have made several mistakes on the way, but if anyone is interested, I can share my knowledge, gained the hard way.

If anyone in the UK wants this done, I might be persuaded for modest remuneration.

Alex in Norfolk UK.

 Hi Alex,

I am on a similar..ish route. My car was RH then exported to Denmark and changed to LH and I am now converting it back. So  I think I have an easier task, my main tasks are
Blocking up all the holes in the body on the LH side made for steering column and brakes
New pedal box
New wiring loom, needs new wiring anyhow
New steering rack was needed anyhow
Sort out the dash, needs refurbishing anyhow
Putting handbrake back on the right side
New brake pipes needs new pipes anyhow.

Good luck with it all.


The windscreen wiper motor has to be on the left side as it gets in the way of the steering column on the right. If yours has 1 wiper, no problem, just take the wiper bit off the cable and mirror image it, but you may need a new hole.

If you have 2 wipers, as I have, I have mirrored both wiper drives, bent the metal wiper arms in a vice, and drilled two new holes in mirror image places by careful measuring.

The LHD handbrake compensator can be used again by cutting half the sleeve spacer and gluing it to the other side so it clears the plenum (?) chamber.

The steering column is easy. Just take the moving rack and ends out of the LHD case, and put it in a Triumph Herald casing (6 cog pinion only will fit).

The rest seems simple, but time consuming.

As you say, there a lot of holes to fill.

Have fun.


hello Alex in Norfolk (Virginia or UK?)

I need the reverse (RHD to LHD) and would be happy to pay for your redundant bits and pieces plus info.

Hopefully they are lying around your garage.

Any chance?

Cheers from Richard in sunny Spain.

Norfolk UK, the home of Lotus.

I can swap you like for like the following:-

Steering rack
Reaction lever (the hand brake thingy under the plenum chamber)
Throttle pedal
Brake and clutch pedal
Wiper rack and wiper blades
Wooden Dashboard (but only if yours is immaculate, mine is brand new, or I have 3 stuffed ones you can use for a template.

I can't think of anything else at the moment.

I am converting several, so LHD parts are literally lying around my garage.


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