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My Type 54 to sort of 47 Conversion

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I've just joined the forum, so I thought i would post what I'm up to.  I've recently picked up a Type 54 bodyshell, 395 gearbox and Twin Cam bell housing to make myself a sort of 47 replica.  The plan is to fabricate a tube frame chassis that's close in dimensions to the sheet steel 47 chassis, and power it with a Ford Zetec (if i could find one here in town).   So, here's a pic of what I bought yesterday, and what was previously housed in the garage.

I'll put pictures up as the build progresses.


Hi Rod,
that sounds like a nice idea. Do you have racing your car in mind?

Best regards


Wow, that's a lovely looking car.

Is it yours and do you still have it or did it have to go to make space for the Europa ?


ps -  :Welcome:  of course....

Welcome Rod.

Indeed keep us informed on the build, I eat that stuff up with a big ol' spoon.

As for the second picture........dang it...........


Chuck Nukem:
Can't wait to watch this unfold!


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