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Rear screen surround


Hi All,
I’m at the stage where I’m putting in the felt and carpets in my 72 TC. I would like your advice on the area around the rear screen. I have the old card strip that fitted above the screen but I cannot remember what went below the screen down to the carpet. The parts manual shows two parts but what are they made of? And how are they fitted? Any advice would be appreciated.

The top part I think is called Millboard - black card-like material. Underneath the rear screen on mine is plain black vinyl, trapped between the rubber seal and dropping down below the carpet panels. I don't know if that's original but I suspect it probably was as the carpets were pretty worn when I got the car.


Brian & Stuleslie, that vinyl is original. On my car, the carpet covered Masonite behind the seats rests on the carpet that covers the rear of the backbone cover (what do you call that!?). Anyway, the vinyl finishes off the area not covered by the Masonite piece.

Thanks for the advice guys.
 I have oatmeal carpets so I would like this area to be similar in colour. I found Woolies sell Hardura that is a PVC covered felt which I might try.


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