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I'm trying to assemble an original-ish tool kit for the 74 TCS. I found these listed as "Lotus Elan Tool Kit" on eBay. They look like the same set shown in the Europa owners/shop manual (with the exception of the lead hammer which the seller would not extract from the kit, and which probably doubled the shipping cost). And what a mean looking bunch of screw slot buggering, hex head rounding, Junior's-first-play-tools they are too! Needless to say these butcher tools are for show only and will never touch my car. Unfortunately I am still missing the only tools I might actually have to use some day; the jack, jack handle and lug wrench. I am also missing the tool roll, which I've heard described as being made of "fiberglass". (Sounds like an itchy item.) This leads me to the question of the day:

Would it be possible for someone to lay their unrolled tool kit on the floor and take a picture of the front and back with a tape measure or something to provide scale? I'm thinking of commandeering the wife's sewing machine and stitching one up in leather or canvas. Not OEM, I know, but will look nice.

Oh, and anybody want a nice lead hammer? Maybe trade for a jack or OEM lug wrench??? (You pay shipping!)


Keep it, lead hammer are very useful as they are heavy and non-marring.

Re-pop tool bags are on ebay all the time.

To add to John's post, if you're looking for authentic tool kits, I believe I've seen took kits on ebay from time to time. This is a cool catalog that includes vintage type tools and tool rolls. They aren't the same as the original Europa tool kit, which if you're interested in originality, that's what you'd have to have, but they are nicer. Check page 35 of this: https://www.angloparts.com/pdf_catalogues/Tools_accessories_catalogue.pdf. There are a lot of other things in it you might find interesting.

Thanks for posting the link to that Angloparts catalog BDA, that's some collection they've got there !  Some of the things such as the square glass washer bottles I haven't seen in years and would have presumed NLA.


An example:


Re-pops of the just the roll (you already have the tools) are frequently there as well.


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