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The Europa at Watkins Glen

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The Europa was pulled out of a 13 year rest to race again. The sister car to mine.   After replacing the 2 coil packs and battery and checking the crank fired ignition, the car would quit each time at full rpm.  It shut off and would not start again.  After it was pulled back to the garages we would eventually get it started again.  It would run around the paddock.  But the same thing would happen again when it it the track. Any ideas. 

At the Glen

Crank fired ignition! Very nice. I wish I could help you but all I can do is say, "spark, air, & fuel." After that and checking the timing, I can't help. Hope you get it going! She looks great and sounds like she should run great!

Fuel pressure is good and carb was cleaned. Runs great around the paddock. Got through all 5 gears.
Cuts out at full RPM ?

I had a somewhat similar issue with the crank fired ignition set-up on a Toyota powered Seven, I traced it back to an issue with the wiring to the crank position sensor.  The car idled fine, but would cut out intermittently when moving.  What system are you using?


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