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Rebuilding an 821 is EMOTIONAL

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I'm rebuilding my 821 and it has been a roller coaster!  I've rebuilt lots of Japanese motorcycle engines but this is my first experience with the Renault.  My 1969 Europa S2 hasn't been on the road since about 1985.  I was pretty happy when it started up and ran well enough that I decided to put some water in it and try to tune it.  The crankcase filled with water.  A lot of it.  Initially I thought I needed a head gasket so in I went. 

Something had bounced around in two cylinders and just beat the hell out of them.  When I took the pan off it looked there was chocolate milk and glitter in there.  Things were not looking good.

Then it's good you're rebuilding it!  :)

Seriously, it stinks to have the problem and have to wait so long before you can drive your baby, but on the other hand, it gives you the opportunity to make some good upgrades if you have a mind. In any case, when you're done, you can be a lot more confident in your motor.

Good luck and keep us up to date!

Never start a Renault wedge-head or cross-flow engine without the coolant already installed and bled (as best as possible).  For five seconds or less, no problem.

I'm not sure if we are looking at "pre" or "post" rebuild shots of the piston.  That doesn't look like recent damage.

The further I went the more damage I found. My car had been a competitive autocross car in the 70s based on some pictures it came with that showed it with trophies all over the hood. The engine had had a very good rebuild with Arias pistons and reground cam. It had also been rode hard and put away wet when it's owner moved up to a Formula Ford.
Long story short I needed all the expensive Lotus parts. Cam, pistons and liners, and valves.  The bearings were easy to get. The search was on!
I'll post more pics when I get home from Monterrey on Saturday.

Here's the picture of my car in happier times.  I think this is some time in the 70's.


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