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1974 TCS For Sale - Houston, TX
« on: Thursday,April 27, 2017, 05:34:20 PM »
Although the deal fell through for me, I will honor my word with the owner and assist him to sell the car.  In need of restoration but he does have it running.  I am not a current Europa owner but I have posted a review to the best of my ability:

Pictures of the car:

The owners name is Frank and he had the car originally listed for $7000 but he is motivated to sell.  PM me for his phone number.  He holds the title which has been signed by the PO.  To be upfront, this is what clouded the deal for me, however, clearing up the title is not insurmountable.

This car is a great foundation for a restoration and it would be a shame to see it sold off for parts or worse.