Author Topic: Fitting a New Headlining  (Read 158 times)

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Fitting a New Headlining
« on: Sunday,April 16, 2017, 04:57:36 AM »
Not the easiest of tasks, and one I had been dreading.

Lying on my back, I wedged the lining above the rear screen hole using strips of foam rubber so the lining was in the right place and defying gravity.

Then I clipped the lining above the open windscreen hole using clothes pegs.

Then I marked the perimeter with a pencil, half at a time. Then I cut along the pencil line with ordinary scissors, spray glued the roof and lining, waited for 2 minutes and pressed into place.

Then repeat for the other side.

This is as much for me to remember as anyone else as I have 4 more to do.

Not as difficult as I imagined and a new headlining looks really good. The material is foam backed vinyl available from Banks. There was enough left to do the two strips down the front screen pillars.