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Finally pulled the trigger.  After a couple of false starts, the process of getting 2766R back on the road is happening.  Although I would have prefered to do all the mechanical work myself, time / family commitments just won't allow it.  Therefore I've engaged the services of Ragtops & Roadsters to get her running again.  From there, the rolling restoration will progress, hopefully unimpeded.  I'll try and accomplish what I can and let Ragtops help out with the rest.
Attached are some photos of 2677R seeing daylight after yet another year of hibernation and being loaded into Ragtops' trailer.
The last photo was taken by Dave Hutchison (Ragtops' ops manager, great guy) that I initially thought was a reflection from behind my Europa.  On closer examination, I realised that it was another TCS very much like mine.  I think, no, I know she's in good company.  I'll try and post as things progress.         

They've been around for a long time so your trust is probably well placed. She looks like she's a good foundation for a great car. Hopefully you'll be zipping around in your toy car soon!

I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures!

Congratulations, she is a beauty, & looks to be in good hands/company!
She looks very happy next to the MGA & her sister behind her. ;)
I had to bring home an MG to keep our Lotus company, & they love each other! :FUNNY:
Keep us posted on your progress!!!

That's great news. It's good to hear your project is getting underway in a meaningful way. Looking forward to seeing more. Cheers.

Certified Lotus:
Looks just like my car! Except mine is now in many pieces in my garage ;-) Dave is a great guy. They know what they are doing at RTR. Spring 2017 completion?


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