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exhaust headers and dual carb intakes for S2


I was kinda kicking around the idea of adding headers and carbs to my S2. Are ther any sources for things like this< or am I going to have the build my own?

If you have the stock 821 Renault engine, headers are available from RD Enterprises. Dual Weber intake manifolds are probably non existent for the wedge head. The only dual Weber setup for the wedge head that I've seen was produced by a fellow forum member a couple of years ago for dual DCNF down draughts. If you want twin side draughts, you'll probably have to make your own.

Hermes, Warneford, and Else intakes for the single DCOE/DHLA come up for sale on ebay occasionally.

Another possibility are these guys for headers and integral Else style intake.


Well it looks like I get to make in intake for a couple of SU carbs in this case...maybe.

Maybe I'm having a conceptual issue here (not the first time) but why twin SUs. I was under the impression that you were going for dual Webers. I don't see the advantage of using two SUs vs. one Weber DCOE. With each SU you're feeding two combustion chambers, same as a single choke on a DCOE. The only advantage is cost?

Anyone got a Hermes inlet manifold and rocker box for the Reno 821 for sale ??


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