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Re: Topless Europa.
« Reply #1 on: Monday,August 22, 2016, 09:34:47 AM »
Hhmmm... interesting concept, and appears to be well built, but it fails visually. The vintage Brooklands screens have to go. Just my humble opinion, but quality craftsmanship aside, I find little to love about this car. It may be just me, though, as I find almost any topless mid-engine car to be visually awkward and generally unattractive. No doubt a lot of fun to drive, though.
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Re: Topless Europa.
« Reply #2 on: Monday,August 22, 2016, 01:34:17 PM »
When I see cars modified like this one I realise that, sadly, I'm just too old and cranky....  :( 

Which sounds odd because a lot of the mods I've seen from joining this forum have been really impressive both from an engineering and aesthetic viewpoint, but this reminds me of the 1970s  UK Kit Car scene which was best described as "good in parts".   

I guess the discordant note comes from things like the aeroscreens and external hinges especially when the original had those lovable, Chapman designed puzzles to hang the doors with. The first time I saw it I actually thought it was a beach buggy  :-[

As I said at the start,  just toooo oldddd.....  (but I would like a beach buggy ! )

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Re: Topless Europa.
« Reply #3 on: Monday,August 22, 2016, 02:19:27 PM »
Now that I'm getting on in years (did I say that!?) and getting into my Europa is a multi-step process, I can appreciate a nice roadster - like an Elan - much more than when I was younger. This car is interesting and very creative, but it's not for me - I'd much prefer an Elan!

I hope he gets a good price for it. He put in a lot of hard work and ended up with something very unique (not in a bad way).