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The start of a long journey

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Thought i'd put this up there as the start point of what i think may be many months/years work  .  Just purchased a  1970 S2 that was dismantled by previous keeper at some point in the 90's ..Some interesting body mods to address , and a god awful 1980's aftermarket sunroof that needs to go .  Plan is to go with a modern stiffer ( banks most likely ) chassis , and probably an XE or Duratec powerplant ready for some club sprints and hill climbs .   The "complete car in boxes" has a significant amount of missing bits so i think the wanted forum on here will become my new best friend.

 :Welcome: nigelc!!

That looks like it will keep you off the streets for a while!

I have several of Richard's (Bank's) kits on my car though not his frame. He does great work and I would expect his frames to live up to his reputation. Spyder also makes a nice frame.

Good luck and keep us informed of your progress.

Enjoy the journey !

Hi Nigel,

Yep, I think that classifies as both a "project car" and "enthusiast needed"  :)

 :Welcome:  and good to have another car on the way back to health.


Nothing much changes since they were manufactured. I seem to remember that if you bought the cars in kit form, you avoided paying purchase tax (VAT of old).

I friend of mine (who also lives in Essex) built his 1970 S2 from new.

Alex in Norfolk


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