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Kendal car show

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You may remember that this car sold on eBay last summer for a great price.  Saw it at Kendal today had  a good chat with the owner.  Renault Gordini turbo with inter cooler. Absolutely stunning car

A few more

Sunshine in Kendal ? What on earth is happening to the Lake District ?  It should be raining !  :)

Ok, joking apart, that looks like a great show and as you say, that car looks stunning. Nice to see the new owner is getting around in it, does he belong to this forum ?

It's an interesting perspective of how things change when you look at the Audi TT parked next to the Europa, the roofline being about level with the top of the TT's doors !


I did encourage him to join the group, lovely fella.

Beautiful car! I hope you convinced him to join!



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