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House remodel

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Chuck Nukem:
I stopped counting what number project this is....
Here are pics as I found it and work that has been done so far. If anybody has any ideas or neat tricks speak up! This is my first full  start to finish rodeo with a house.

Game plan is
-scrape all popcorn/texture -almost done
-replace all 15 windows with double pane insulated -windows on order (half the windows were busted out)
-replace back door -done but need to trim
-prime walls and ceilings, float with joint compound to give a plaster look
-redo fireplace -still tearing down the old stone
-new flooring -ripped out most already (on a side note the foundation is in excellent shape)
-fresh paint
-fix/replace several interior doors
-service the septic pump
-redo countertop in kitchen
-remodel master bath
-remodel shower in jack/jill bath

Chuck Nukem:
After about 60-80 big trash bags most of the shit has been hauled off. Hoping to get some primer on this weekend. I got the hideous Dodge avenger hauled off this week too.


Wow, what a mess. Looks like the previous tenants just took off and left everything behind. Never done a remodel before so have nothing to contribute. Good luck with that project.   

It definitely looks like you have your work cut out for you! I've never done a remodel before either, but Mrs. BDA and I occasionally watch 'Flip or Flop' and 'Fixer Upper' on HGTV. I would get either of them to do your remodel. They seem to work cheap and do great work!   :FUNNY:

Chuck Nukem:
I forgot to mention. The family is growing...Found an abandoned cat in the house which had just given birth to a litter of kittens! PO had no idea they existed....

I bought the house at an auction which is why it was so messy.


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