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Reproducing the Hermes intake manifold


As the title states, I'm looking at having the Hermes manifold reproduced by a local fabricator. I've already given Josh, my fabricator, a spare Hermes manifold to evaluate. His initial estimate is $500 for the first prototype which I will eat and around $300-350 for subsequent copies. I'm totally unfamiliar with the casting of aluminum so excuse my ignorance of the process and terminology. Josh has a 3d printer from which he will produce the mold material for each manifold. Using that mold, Josh will cast the individual manifolds using the metal casting facilities of our local arts academy.

After the first prototype is made, I will no longer have any financial interest in the project and all dealings will be done directly with Josh. I will post pictures of the first prototype for people to evaluate and make their decision.

This will be a slow on going project and no guarantees that it will go to completion. Josh owns and operates a one man performance/tuning/fabrication shop for sports cars, specializing in Volvos. His business comes first but he will work on the manifolds when time permits.

I've set up a poll for people to express their interest. I will try to get the first prototype completed by this coming summer. I'm also wondering if there are any "improvements" people want in the manifold.

The poll is on poll on the Europa mail list.

Joji Tokumoto
Fallbrook, Ca

I stopped by the shop this afternoon to give Josh a deposit and tell him to go ahead with the manifold. Well, he had already started. With the small 3D printer he has in at the shop, he's making the casting core material in four pieces. The top two halves of the runner sections are complete. The two bottom halves come next, then all four pieces are joined together and the detail work started before the ceramic coating is applied.

He currently has two other manifolds in the pipeline, so the summer time frame may be possible for the first prototype.

To keep overall costs down, any extra ports or add ons will have to be discussed with Josh at the time of order and the extra time and expense in addition to the base order.

I'll make appropriate updates as we get closer to the completion for the first casting.

I am looking for a Hermes inlet manifold for a Renault Europa.
What happened to your project.
Do you have them for sale.
Do you know someone who does ??

Kevin, dealing with specialists shops, you work within their schedules. I suppose I was a bit optimistic when I said that I hoped to have the first manifold ready by summer. My fabricators shop was swamped by work and the Hermes project was pushed to the back burner. I'll try to stop by the shop in the next few days and try to get my project on track.


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