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Web sites
« on: Friday,January 22, 2016, 07:55:05 AM »
I find myself giving people pretty much the same list of handy websites so I thought I'd put them here. I'm sure others can add some other good sites as well. I know we have another thread for suppliers but I'm including them here anyway... because they are sites!  :)

Some of the links here are pages in a larger site. The pages I've included here interested me for one reason or another but there is likely great information elsewhere on the site so be sure to explore them. I should say that this forum also links to good information that I think we may not take full advantage of.

Suppliers (sadly Dave hasn't kept up his site so it's not that interesting but I didn't want to leave him out)


US Lotus Clubs

Europa Information   (huge site, a couple of the many useful pages follow)   (Our own Lotus Joe's big site with lots of information that this forum is a part of)

Owners Sites
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Re: Web sites
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Big thanks for the links.