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As a previous Lotus Excel owner I was on the Lotusexcel.net forum. There someone did an google "add your location" map where each member could add their location. I thought this was neat idea. I created a Lotus Europa owners map where you can, if you like, add your location. Of course you can add as near as your town centre if you dont want to be to precise.

Anyway, here is the URL :http://tiny.cc/814d7x
Please press the plus sign in the upper right hand corner and follow instructions if you want to add your location.
The member password is AddMyEuropa to be able to add your location

The map starts at Hethel, just zoom out to see the rest of the World :-)

For reference here is the link to the Lotus Excel owners location map.

Best regards

I tried to enter my car location and it said authentication failed and that maybe the map was locked. What did I do wrong?

UPDATE: I got it.

I'm closest to Hethel. I win !

I added mine.  This is cool  :pirate:
 But make sure you don't add your actual address might be a bit too much info out there for the not so honest crowd.

I added mine  ;)


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