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Protech damper setup

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I installed a set of protech (sjsportscars) dampers and springs today on my TC special. I do not found anything on which level the dampers must be adjust. The german instruction say 6clicks clockwise is the standard setup.

If you use the protech dampers Please tell me on which step you have adjust them.

Also interested is the ride high. In the moment i have near the lowest level and it looks higher thek the old spax dampers and springs. Maybe it is coming lower after the first driving but maybe i need shorter springs.

Any comment is helpful

Regatds Frank

Hi Frank,

I have the SJS/Protech dampers on my car with higher rated springs.  I initially left them at zero for the first drive and then afterwards set them at mid-way, which on mine is 6 clicks.  There was no great thinking behind that, I just thought "13 clicks from one end to the other, set them mid way and see what it's like".  They're still there, the ride is much firmer than standard but I would expect that's due to the springs themselves more than the damper.

I'd just set at mid way and then increase or decrease depending on your driving style and local roads.

I started a thread about it at the time but called it "Spring rates" so it might have escaped your notice if you've done a search. There's photos of the car before & after, the part about the dampers comes towards the end of the thread.  I can take more photos of the suspension close up if it will be of any use, but it's not changed much from the ones in that thread.



Hi Brian,

thanks i made the middle setup but i have still a very spongy car. It is very loose on the tail with not much straight line stability. I have hoped to improve this with the new tires and new dampers but it is still very nervous to drive.

I think i will Change a bit the ride hight because it is very low on the front now. I like the look but i have Problems to see anything in the inner rear mirror.

greetings Frank


Hi Frank,

The stance of your car doesn't look much different from mine, maybe a touch higher at the rear but the front wheelarch clearance looks very similar.  Because my springs are different from standard (250F/140R) I can't be 100% certain it's not all down to the springs, but I can say that my car certainly isn't "spongy" and the damping feels quite firm. In fact even with the OEM springs and dampers I couldn't have called it a soft ride and it was always stable on motorways, which makes me start to look at other potential causes for the "loose tail/straight line stability" comment.

Assuming when you replaced the rear dampers all the bushes and links were in good order, then my first guess is rear tracking and/or rear wheel camber. From what I've read, having toe-out on these cars is a very bad idea and does give stability problems, so that would be my first port of call.

Also a slightly embarrassing admission - when I first put my car together and did the "round the block" run,  due to my supreme confidence in my mechanical ability ( ::) ) I decided to extend the test run and speed. At 50-60mph on a straight section the car was bouncing all over....   not caused by the soft damper settings but the simple fact I hadn't tightened up the lower link properly.   It emphasises the point about needing the rear end components in good order I suppose.   :-[   

I will take some measurements from my car later today which might help to compare your car setup with others.


Hi Brian

I made a second test drive today. I only changed the the hardnest of damping to front 8clicks and rear 4 clicks and the car was much better to drive. My tires are new rear has only 50km, so i will drive it now in this configuration and will see how it handle.

Thanks again for your help

Greetings Frank


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