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FS/WTB: Europa Parts / Re: WTB: S2 interior door panels...ANY CONDITION!!
« Last post by Gary t on Today at 09:15:00 PM »
Yes I know just trace the left one looking in a mirror.
But if I could buy one I could get creative somewhere else.
Garage / Re: Lotus alloy wheel centers
« Last post by tedtaylor on Today at 03:23:28 PM »
WEIGHT!!!   are they heavier than the plastic ones?   we don't want to add weight now, do we? :FUNNY:
Garage / Re: Lotus alloy wheel centers
« Last post by HelpMyLotus on Today at 03:12:28 PM »

I'd pay a pretty penny for these.  Let me know who to open my wallet to.

Garage / Re: Dip Stick
« Last post by 4129R on Today at 02:29:45 PM »
I might be asking a silly question, but would it not have been a lot easier to just straighten the bent dipstick?
Garage / Dip Stick
« Last post by EuropatcSPECIAL on Today at 02:26:59 PM »
I ordered a new dipstick from a well established engine parts supplier. It arrived as per picture. The bag it was sealed in was a tight fit. Had the dip stick not been bent it would not have fitted. I contacted the supplier and they assured me that they would not be as stupid as to bend a dip stick. I arranged to return the item. When I took the dip stick to my local post office to return it I was informed that it just scraped in as a 'small package' any bigger and it would be another £4. When the correct shaped dip stick arrived it was in a bigger envelope and the postage was another £4. :headbanger:
Garage / Re: Lotus alloy wheel centers
« Last post by Pfreen on Today at 02:07:52 PM »
I don’t need a cottage industry, but I have talked to Ray at RD Enterprises about these.  He may want to manufacture them, or with the design, anyone can do it.  i have a manual lathe so it takes some time, but a cnc would make it simple to make.
Garage / Re: Lotus alloy wheel centers
« Last post by BDA on Today at 02:07:25 PM »

Very nicely done and much nicer than the original centers. You might end up selling several sets!
Garage / Re: Lotus alloy wheel centers
« Last post by EuropaTC on Today at 02:03:22 PM »
Now that's a definite improvement on the Lotus centres, looks neat and professional while keeping a nod back to the original design.  Well done that man !

As soon as all the other TC owners log on and catch that top photo I can foresee a nice little cottage industry in your future...    ;)

Hey Gary , dimensions are 13 x37 however you have the exact measurements from the left side . See pictures.
Garage / Lotus alloy wheel centers
« Last post by Pfreen on Today at 01:13:11 PM »
I designed and machined on a lathe aluminum alloy wheel centers to go on Lotus alloy wheels.  I thought the oem plastic centers were cheap looking (not price!) and either cracked and fell off or faded in the Florida sun.

I think the new centers look nice and should last a long time.  I did clear coat them so they will not need to be continually polished.

I hope I got the photos small enough for everyone to read them.  I would be happy to email the files if you would like.

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