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Colorized Wiring Diagrams on
« on: Tuesday,June 03, 2014, 01:13:10 PM »
These diagrams are on This site is run by Jerry, a long time Europa owner. Please look around his site when you get a chance. Jerry has built an excellent site with a wealth of information on the little Lotus Europa.

Updated and Colorized Wiring Diagrams:

    S1 Wiring Diagram
    S1A Wiring Diagram
    S1B Wiring Diagram
    S2 Wiring Diagram
    S2 (Federal) Wiring Diagram
    TC (Federal) Wiring Diagram
    TC (Non Federal)
    TC (UK)
    TC Special (Federal)Wiring Diagram (Before No. 73083924R)
    TC Special (Federal)Wiring Diagram (From No. 73083924R)

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