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Garage / Re: Rear brakes binding and brake lights on
« Last post by jbcollier on Today at 07:28:56 PM »
First check that there is free play at the pedal of the main master cylinder.  There is a small compensating port that is exposed only when the piston is all the way back.  This port is what releases any pressure changes due to fluid temperature change.  If that is not it, then there is a similar issue in the rear circuit's booster with probably the booster's diaphragm sticking.
Off Topic Subjects / Re: One of one JPS
« Last post by Certified Lotus on Today at 07:14:42 PM »
Just happened across this. Another JPS bike? Where did these come from?

Garage / Rear brakes binding and brake lights on
« Last post by Europa73 on Today at 05:26:50 PM »
hi all,

I had my 2 brake boosters rebuilt.

bled the system - front and back.

Adjusted the drums so the rear wheels are rotating freely.

the brakes work well and are firm.

The issue I have is.

when I brake hard the brake lights remain on and the rear brakes start to bind.

This issue remains until everything cools down.

Any thoughts?


Members Cars / Re: My S2 project is now a driver!
« Last post by BDA on Today at 04:35:53 PM »
Very nice!
Garage / Re: 1970 s2 0453R Reassembly
« Last post by BDA on Today at 04:34:13 PM »
Great progress! If you decide to get a new dash, I would recommend Prestige AutoWood ( I don't have any interest in his business, but he does great work!
Members Cars / Re: My S2 project is now a driver!
« Last post by Lotus7 on Today at 03:44:15 PM »
I’ve received a couple of questions about the Wilwood brakes I used at the rear of my S2. Here a few photos of my solution to adding disk brakes and some thoughts about why I did what I did.

My first requirement was that my solution should use the existing brake lines and hand brakes cables. In searching for rotors I discovered that the offset of the 2009 Ford Focus rotors would allow me to have a simple brake mounting plate. No offsets, not angles and no welding required. However, since the Ford wheel bolt pattern is 4x4.25” I had to drill four new bolt holes on my chosen 4x100 wheel stud pattern.

The mounting plate is somewhat heavier then optimal, but just fine for my proof of concept installation. It’s just a ½” thick 6061 aluminum plate cut to shape and then an ~1/8” relief was cut into the plate where it mounts to the trailing arm to center the calipers over the 0.35” thick disks. The caliper mounting holes were located per the drawings for the Wilwood caliper from their site. I choose to use their two piston Dynalite Pro caliper as the brake calculations seems to indicate that even with four small pistons per caliper it would provide excessive braking at the rear. This caliper did require a different fitting on the brake line vs the stock Europa drum brakes.

The parking brake is also a Wilwood unit. After I made my first mockup, I discovered that there was no easy way to remove the disk with the parking brake caliper in position. I added mounting ears to the ½” mounting plate to locate the parking brake. I also built a small, metal plate that is located by the Dynalite caliper mounting bolts. To this little plate I added a thicker piece to locate and secure the parking brake cable.

Of course mounting the Dynalite calipers at the top requires that the calipers be removed and held vertical when bleeding the brakes. At some point in the future I’ll likely build another set of mounting plates with the Dynalite calipers mounting vertically at the rear.

You can also see in the photos the non-stock axles I’m using. Originally I had the hubs machined to match the stock Europa rims and back plates for the stock drum brakes. However, with the new Ford Focus rotors I made a sleeve that I pressed onto the hub that located the center of the rotors as well as the center of the VTO Classic-8 wheels that I am using.

Garage / Re: Restoration of 2358R
« Last post by dakazman on Today at 03:43:59 PM »
Big thank you, certified, your project is a good read and well documented. Keep up the great work.

Really nice shop also from an x New Jerseyian.
Garage / Re: Running hot - any advice?
« Last post by jbcollier on Today at 03:23:34 PM »
What is the temperature rating of there thermostat?  Use a cooking thermometer and check and see when it actually opens.
Garage / Re: 1970 s2 0453R Reassembly
« Last post by dakazman on Today at 03:23:15 PM »
also dug out the box with my interior parts ...
talk to you all next week>>>
Garage / Re: 1970 s2 0453R Reassembly
« Last post by dakazman on Today at 03:13:45 PM »
ok some radius arm stuff also cleaned...but bushing for wishbones cam in and 2 engines from California coming
 an 821-30 wedge and an 843 hemi.
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