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Members Cars / Re: Lotus Europa member map
« Last post by Gary t on Today at 04:14:31 PM »
 I just tried to add my location and information but got a authentication failure . I can see all the pins but can't add mine.
Garage / Re: Mystery crossflow engine
« Last post by jbcollier on Today at 02:20:35 PM »
Wedge and cross flow engines have different pistons (valve pockets) and different cams (valve order).
Garage / Re: Main Bearing Cap Set Crankshaft Caps bolts Question
« Last post by BERNIEHUMBER on Today at 01:05:17 PM »
HI:Thanks for the input.
I'm putting together "make sure to do points" for when the 807 gets reborn.
The Canuck winters gives one time to think(which can cause problems)!

I rebuilt a 260 V8 for a Tiger that I have and I was thankful for all the "little stuff" I did in the process(re-tightening head bolts after a bit of run time).
When I did the original Europa engine I put some of that sealing material on those paper washers on the wet sleeve/block junction as I saw dissimilar metal
contact as a potential issue(no leaks for many moons). 
Garage / Re: Mystery crossflow engine
« Last post by skippopotamus on Today at 12:42:54 PM »
If I understand the question correctly you want to put the 807 (hemi) head on the 821 block to get the high compression pistons. 

Am I right?

I know that the pistons from the 821 block won't work with the 807 head because the dome on the 821 pistons is made to work with valves that are both on the same side.
BTW - What are chassis and VIN numbers?
Pics are available on Lotus Europa FaceBook page. I would jump on this one if I didn't already have one.
Garage / Re: Restoration of 2358R
« Last post by seniorchristo on Today at 10:55:56 AM »
My previous posts describe a rod end but it is actually the threaded shank of the universal joint.
Garage / Re: Restoration of 2358R
« Last post by seniorchristo on Today at 10:47:19 AM »
 "are the threaded studs on the u-joint pre-drilled from the factory"

Holes for roll pins would not be predrilled on replacement parts.  The parts (collar and shank) must be drilled together as a unit to ensure a tight fit for the roll pin.  I think one solution is to replace the rod end and drill for a new roll pin while leaving enough room for a locknut.

It looks like the PO even tried to weld the rod end shank to the collar after all else failed. ::)
Also, Pegasus sells much higher quality (and expensive) Apex universal joints solely designed for shifting.
Garage / Re: Mystery crossflow engine
« Last post by Midnight on Today at 10:13:19 AM »
Yep, it turns out that its the later type of engine ID tag. Turns out to be a 807-04, originally fitted to a Renault 16TS, 1565cc, 8.6:1 compression. Just as a thought, doesn't the 821-30 have high compression (domed) pistons? In theory (amateurish) wouldn't it be possible to swap the head on my original block and the cam? My engine has only done 51k miles (no idea if that's genuine) just musing if I have a poor man's option to the rebuild.
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