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« on: Saturday,November 11, 2017, 10:07:38 AM »
The 5th car in my fleet to be renovated is 4259R.

It came from a dealer in Chicago who had  few crashed cars it seems, he died before he could renovate 4259R and 4688R, which had had a bad front and rear crash, and came with a new chassis.

A whole heap of bits including 4259R and 4688R were sold to a man in Houston, who then also died, sold the lot to a man in Louisiana, who found the renovation task too much, and I bought the whole lot, which was shipped back to Norfolk in a 40ft container.

4688R is finished bad minor adjustments needed, and is Lagoon Blue with ventilated front and solid rear discs, Minilite wheels, and 145bhp pushing her along.
So far on 4259R I have found the following problems:-

1) Rear left suspension arm bolt bent 30'.

2) Both rear shocker tubes bent about 20'

3) Front right bottom arm bolt welded in position with large holes in the bottom arms where the bolt went through (I had to cut them off with a grinder, but spare arms were in the spares)

4) Long bolt which is welded into the chassis and holds the front right wishbone arms on, was too long at the rear, so I couldn't get the arm off because it hit the bodywork about where the passengers feet are. So I put the nut back on, cut the long welded bolt flush with the nut on the arm (about 1/2" too long) and the arm came off. The nut restored the cut thread when I took it off.

5) The left front very long bolt holding the top arms, which slides back through a grommet covered hole in the bodywork, is seized in the chassis. More work needed to get that out, or it will need a new chassis. Probably heat it with a gas torch for 2 mins or more, and see if it can be persuaded to move backwards.

6) The screen leaked, and the foot pedals were so badly rusted they were rust dust. Even the rod to the master cylinder fell apart it was so badly rusted.

7) The left seat belt bolt into the centre chassis sheared off. I have cut the fibreglass away, ground the bolt flush with the chassis, and I will get a nut welded to a thick plate, and bolt the plate in the black hole, about 1" from its original location.

8) Obviously the windscreen leaked, and I managed to break it twice carefully cutting it out.

9) The dashboard was so badly rotted, the plywood was in separate layers like a filo pastry.

10) Front discs and calipers badly rusted beyond use.

11) The wiring loom looks like it had had several bad repairs, including the fat cable from battery to starter with the insulation badly repaired.

12) The fibreboard bulkhead needs repair by fibre-glassing on the engine side.

13) The yellow paint is very badly cracked all over, especially on the doors and front wings.

14) Despite the aluminium shield, the radiator fan and its 3 struts holding it in place fell apart from rust.

15) Bracket holding the clutch cable to the tunnel was rust dust.

16) Right bottom front trunion seized so the steering doesn't move.

17) Even the two 1"1/8 nuts on each door hinge were so badly rusted, they had to be drilled in half, as well as both long hinge pins.

18) The front anti-roll bar had been cut off with the two vertical links cut at the top where they bolt on to the very long sliding bolt, and the studs on the bottom of the shockers cut as well.

Obviously all the rubber tubes needs changing, and all the consumables have been consumed, but this yellow peril will be the biggest challenge so far.

There will be more problems soon, but the car is nearly fully dismantled, and we have the technology to rebuild this car. I just hope it doesn't cost $6m like Steve Austin did.

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Re: 4259R
« Reply #1 on: Saturday,November 11, 2017, 03:04:39 PM »
Labor of love. Or insanity. Your choice.
Actually, sounds like a challenge.
I find it relaxing spending a bit of time working on my 'one' Europa.
Now, I realize I should have kept the parts car that I bought. I'm going to need a few items.

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Re: 4259R
« Reply #2 on: Saturday,November 11, 2017, 03:15:44 PM »
I think I commented that this car was a basket case on another thread but this adds more details of the basket. You certainly have your work cut out for you! I guess it shows me just how easy I had it as my car was not really that far from "new" in comparison to most I hear about when I started my resto-mod.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

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Re: 4259R
« Reply #3 on: Sunday,November 12, 2017, 12:45:28 AM »
19) Both petrol tanks have severe rusting to the top plates, so will need new tops welded.

The usual consumables are:-

a) Carpets
b) Complete interior trim
c) Engine rebuild
d) New suspension rubbers
e) New brake pads and shoes
f) New brake lines
g) Re-chrome both bumpers
h) New wooden panel behind seats on firewall which holds the map pocket and interior light. 74 models only.
i) New gas struts to hold the engine cover open. 74 models only.
j) All new rubber hoses including heater x 2, filler to petrol tank x 2, and the 3/4" pipes in the front of the engine bay.
k) Wiring loom complete. Both 4688R and 4259R even had the logic boxes still connected on the left wheel arch.
l) New fuel lines from both tanks to fuel pump.
m) Headlining
n) Window rubbers and brushes
o) Door surround rubbers
p) Accelerator cable, clutch cable, and hand brake cable,

The rusty items that get wire brushed and painted include:-

i) Radiator
ii) Fan and radiator shroud
iii) Both long cooling tubes
iv) Header tank
v)  Gear linkage
vi) Both rear trailing arms
vii) All front suspension arms
viii) Drive shafts
ix) Clutch cable plate
x) The two rear chassis diagonal plates
xi) Front brake disc back plates
xii) Brake drums
xiii) The whole chassis where accessible.

Add converting to RHD, and it keeps me busy for a while (x7) 
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Re: 4259R
« Reply #4 on: Sunday,November 12, 2017, 04:20:09 AM »
Wow! Alex, Your a lot braver than I am in tackling restoration projects.  But when you buy projects by the 40ft container load I guess anything is possible. I’m in awe of your willingness to restore wrecked cars that have seen better days. And now I feel a bit sheepish about how difficult it was to get my rusted door pins out.

Keep us updated, I always learn something from your posts.
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Re: 4259R
« Reply #5 on: Tuesday,November 14, 2017, 08:37:09 AM »
If there was a medal given out for Perseverance in the Preservation of the Lotus Europa, you would certainly be in contention. In fact, they would do well to name it after you.  :beerchug:
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