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Garage / Re: Setting Ring and Pinion lash
« Last post by BDA on Today at 05:18:15 PM »
What does it mean when you can't get a clear pattern to show up on the coast side of the crown gear? I bought some blue (not as easy as it should be) and painted four teeth on the coast side. The attached picture isn't very good, but it's the best one I could get. There is a faint pattern on the first painted tooth that looks pretty good - sort of "ovaly" and fairly centered in both directions and no sharp lines. What looks like a line down the length of the tooth is, I believe, a reflection of the tooth above. I must have run that area of the crown gear over the pinion over a hundred times both ways and didn't get more than a hint of a wear pattern.

So I'm not sure how much anybody can tell from that pictures (probably not much), but I'm wondering what is the significance of the wear pattern on the coast side. In looking at pictures of wear patterns, I found a forum where a guy was coaching another guy on the same journey I'm on and he said he wasn't so worried about the pattern on the coast side if the drive side was good. Should I be concerned as an indication of the general health of the gears? Since pinion depth isn't adjustable, the only adjustment for the ring & pinion is the amount of backlash, right? Is there some adjustment that would impact the wear pattern on the coast side?
Garage / Re: Advice on 74 Europa project purchase
« Last post by EuropatcSPECIAL on Today at 03:47:52 PM »
Welcome Jim, good luck with the Europa   :Welcome:
Garage / Re: "soft" Restoration of 2933R (JPS#059)
« Last post by Pfreen on Today at 01:27:56 PM »
It looks like a good car.  I own 2963R which is not a jps, although it has the five speed and alloy wheels.  I guess they needed to be black to get a jps button.  I have owned mine since 1985.  I am just completing my restoration, ie paint, chrome, interior and upholstery.  Mine was originally regency red with gold  jps stripes.  The paint had a million cracks and flaws in the paint, so you are lucky.

Good luck and have fun!
Good shots there Joji and looking closely at them I'd guess that my TC carriers have more in common with the S2 than the TCS, which looks a much better design/casting. 

The TC only has one hole for the bottom link/damper fixing as per the TCS but otherwise I'd be tempted to say it's the same casting as the S2. They do have the Left/Right cast into the sides and the 4 tapped holes on each side for mounting the trailing arm look less substantial than your TCS version.
Garage / Re: "soft" Restoration of 2933R (JPS#059)
« Last post by Lou Drozdowski on Today at 01:14:57 PM »
Ted , Glad to see 059 in the pics, really looking forward to the progress reports...see you soon. ld
I never knew the differences between the S2 and TCS hub carriers. Having the two available for comparison I decided to take pictures showing the differences. This may help someone in case he comes across one in a swap meet. This is some of the obvious visual differences that I noticed without using calipers or a side by side comparison.

1. The S2s have LEFT/RIGHT embossed on the casting, the TCS does not.
2. The S2s have two separate holes for shock mount and the lower link bolts, the TCS only one

The only obvious differences visible by having both side by side for comparison is the bearing housing area for the TCS is larger to accommodate the larger bearing and the rear brakes from the GT6. The "ears" for the four mounting bolts are beefier on the TCS. There may be others that I've missed, maybe someone else can add more.
I don't have a hub from a TC for comparison but there is a picture of the TC hub carrier on the RD Ent website. From what I can tell, the TC hub appears to have features of both the S2 and TCS hubs. The TC hub has the LEFT/RIGHT letters embossed on the casting like the S2 but has a single hole for the shock mount and lower link as per the TCS. The bearing housing area looks closer to the S2 than the TCS. Please be free to add more differences that I may have missed.   

Garage / Re: "soft" Restoration of 2933R (JPS#059)
« Last post by Certified Lotus on Today at 09:33:22 AM »
Ted, glad your documenting for all of us to watch over your shoulder. Can't wait to see progress. We have enough "local" Europa owners that we could do our own driving event! See you on the road soon.
FS/WTB: Europa Parts / Re: FS: Air Filter Canister and New Filter
« Last post by s2europa on Today at 09:06:40 AM »
Price drop to $150.
Garage / Re: "soft" Restoration of 2933R (JPS#059)
« Last post by Bainford on Today at 08:55:20 AM »
It's clearly in need of some love, but it's a fine project. Looking forward to seeing more.
Garage / Re: Advice on 74 Europa project purchase
« Last post by Bainford on Today at 08:49:05 AM »
Welcome to the forum.

The frames were not protested from rust when new so that can be a problem. The frame and rear suspension trailing arms are only 16 ga. sheet metal, so anything beyond minor surface rust will need attention. Cracking around the stress points of the 'T' section at the front of the frame can also be an issue.

It sounds like you may not be able to get under the car to check this stuff out, though. If you are handy with a welder then minor repairs can be made. If the frame is shot, there are several choices on the market for replacements, so not necessarily a show stopper.

As mentioned, these cars are quite simple and for the most part quite easy to work on. Parts availability is great and the cost is not ridiculous in most cases. A lot of Triumph, MG, Mini, etc parts make up the period Lotus. The parts cast from unobtainium are the gear box and the rear suspension uprights/bearing housings. Non OEM solutions exist for the gearbox, though. There are some parts that are difficult but not impossible to find (mostly trim items, etc), and the vast majority of consumables are as close as your nearest classic British parts supplier. If you think a Lotus should be in your future, it is quite doable.

Looking forward to seeing some photos and hearing more about the car. Good luck.
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