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Garage / Re: Mystery crossflow engine
« Last post by jbcollier on Today at 06:45:32 AM »
Lucky b#%€£?d!

I drove a 30 hour round trip to get a good used chassis (thanks Dan!) that I then had to extensively modify to S1 spec. 
Garage / Re: Restoration of 2358R
« Last post by seniorchristo on Today at 06:17:28 AM »
If I remember correctly there was considerable play in the new Lovejoy joint from RD.  I think the Apex joints are a much higher quality item.  If welding is considered impractical, the joint could be bolted to a proper stud using a saddle washer and perhaps Loctite bearing mount(?).  I think this would eliminate all play at this location.  I guess there would still be some flexing in the attachments however.  Just an idea to consider.
Garage / Re: Restoration of 2358R
« Last post by Certified Lotus on Today at 05:44:18 AM »
Thanks for all the insights and information.

Roger, good to know that retaining lock nuts work with the use of locktite. I have one original u-joint that seems to be in good condition so I may try that.

GavinT, the joint from RD is manufactured by Lovejoy who has been making Commerical unjointed since the 1940’s. It looks like they had these custom made with the threaded studs. Here is the chart regarding load factor. I think it should hold up fairly well, but might want to add the boot to keep weather off of it.

Chris, I would agree that the pin holes are most likely drilled after install to match the collar and stud holes. It was suggested the ujoint studs came pre-drilled, which is why I asked the question who has installed an OEM complete shift link system. The Pegasus helicopter ujoints look very cool, but they will require welding custom threaded studs to them, which will make them exceptionally expensive. I‘ve made note of this ujoint for future reference. Thanks.

Does anyone else who has done a done a full shift link install for a 352 Transaxle have advice?

Garage / Re: Mystery crossflow engine
« Last post by Midnight on Wednesday,February 21, 2018, 11:43:47 PM »
Thanks for the info, as I say it was just an amateurish thought. I'm just off to Spyder cars today to discuss my chassis requirements, no doubt that's going to be an expensive trip and engine rebuild plans may have to go on hold for a short while.
Garage / Re: Mystery crossflow engine
« Last post by jbcollier on Wednesday,February 21, 2018, 08:50:41 PM »
Crossflow cams have a different valve order.  You have to change camshafts as well.
Garage / Re: Mystery crossflow engine
« Last post by GavinT on Wednesday,February 21, 2018, 06:44:00 PM »
. . just musing if I have a poor man's option to the rebuild.


OK, sorry . .
Yep, as has been said, the 821 is a wedge head, so different pistons that aren't designed for the cross-flow valve arrangement.

Other than that, the R16TS will bolt right in with minimal trouble.
One thing though . . when I initially did the conversion, I used the stock exhaust manifold for a while. It was a pain to rout and modify the downpipe mainly because the manifold outlet kinda faces forward.

It's always good to have a spare engine though.
You could just rebuild it at your leisure.
Garage / Re: Wheel Men...Drivers of the Lotus 49
« Last post by seniorchristo on Wednesday,February 21, 2018, 05:01:26 PM »
Eppie Wietzes, Mosport,1967.  Just a guess  :)
Members Cars / Re: Lotus Europa member map
« Last post by Gary t on Wednesday,February 21, 2018, 04:14:31 PM »
 I just tried to add my location and information but got a authentication failure . I can see all the pins but can't add mine.
Garage / Re: Mystery crossflow engine
« Last post by jbcollier on Wednesday,February 21, 2018, 02:20:35 PM »
Wedge and cross flow engines have different pistons (valve pockets) and different cams (valve order).
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