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Buying wheels
« on: Thursday,January 04, 2018, 12:51:39 AM »
I am looking these wheels:
The boltpattern should be right, but I have heard that I should be careful of centering/fit of the wheels on the hubs. I think it sounds strange that it could be a problem, but else does these looks ok?


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Re: Buying wheels
« Reply #1 on: Thursday,January 04, 2018, 02:09:59 AM »
I can't tell if they'll fit or not.  The Europa wheels are centered by the wheel studs/nuts and not a centre bore as with a lot of modern cars so assuming you have the correct stud PCD and wheel nuts, then the bore isn't a big issue.

Offset will be important but without any details on the advert (that I can read anyway  :)  ) you'd have to compare those with OEM wheels. 

There aren't many cars these days with the correct PCD. If those were fitted to something like a Triumph Spitfire then there's a good chance they'll work but if they are off a modern car then you'll need more details.

Here are the references I used when looking at alternative wheels;


You're looking for  "4 x 95.25mm", MGF wheels fit for example but there aren't many options with modern cars/wheels.


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Re: Buying wheels
« Reply #2 on: Thursday,January 04, 2018, 06:51:59 AM »
Don't buy wheels on spec.  They are more likely not to fit.  Lots of people have had this problem.  Worse is if they almost fit and rip the front fenders up on the first sharp corner with a bump.

Info from Tim Engel:


13 x 4.5", +1.062" Offset, +27.0mm ET - Europa Steel Wheels

13 x 5.5", +0.637" Offset, +1.62mm ET - Europa Alloy Wheels

13 x 4.5", +0.812" Offset, +20.6mm ET - Spitfire Steel Wheels

The Twin Cam's Brand Lotus alloy wheels are not only 1" wider than the standard steel wheels, the smaller positive offset moves the wheels outward by 1.062 - 0.637 = 0.425".

Straying a little off-topic, but the Triumph Spitfire steel wheels some Lotus owners use also have less positive offset, which moves the wheels 0.25" outward compared to the Lotus steel wheels.