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Having been around Europa's for 40+ years, market value increases have significantly climbed in the last 10 years.
 As with the passage of time and availability, the Europa has established itself a  "sport/enthusiast's" vehicle...thus with it's racing heritage pedigree, there will always be a brand value included.

If we go back say, 20 years...a clean, running, low mile original would fetch 10 to 15k...
On average add one thousand every year...(per the Hagerty guide)

If you consider options...JPS, Special w/ 5 speed, weber head, add a few more bobbles.

There will always be that exception, however if I were to consider the above mentioned cars...each have a distinctive merit to them. I would value them closer to 35 to 40 range, with the black special getting the nod due to it's maintained unmolested condition and very low miles.

eBay - Craigslist Ads - Other Listings / Hemmings: Europas for Sale
« Last post by 2766R on Today at 02:36:07 AM »
I guess for someone with deep pockets:


Is it me, or is the value of Europas really starting to go stratospheric?  Hemmings factor?  Dealer inflation?
Garage / Re: 821-30 Rebuild/Bent Push Rod
« Last post by GavinT on Sunday,January 21, 2018, 09:08:58 PM »
All good, Fred.

It looks like I misread about the MGB retainers and misinterpreted that 3rd pic.
I probably need to drink more.  :))
Garage / Re: 821-30 Rebuild/Bent Push Rod
« Last post by Fred on Sunday,January 21, 2018, 04:39:09 PM »
Thanks for asking, I am sure I still have left out details.

I tried to answerer your questions and did it in bold type not to yell just to highlight the answerer.

Lots of investigation going on there, obviously, so that’s good.

Does your third pic describe the Lotus 821 spring rates?I ask because I don’t recall the Europa manual having the full spec. on the stock springs. The third picture is from an MGB manual NOT a Europa, sorry for the Confusion.

I’m curious as to how you determined the MGB springs as suitable. As far as I can see, there’s no mention of the number of active coils in your 2nd pic so presumably you deduced suitability from the rate given? The second picture from an MGB tuning manual shows active coils 4 1/2 on the MGB outer spring, secondly the physical measurements and side by side comparison (See picture 4) led us to believe we had a winner.

So, no coil bind issues, then? We measured springs at the full 0.434" lift and had adequate spacing, no coil bind.

Did you calculate seat and open pressures so as to be able to make a comparison with the stock springs? We looked at the MGB spring rate in the shop and felt it was a little higher but not excessive with this cam we were comfortable with just the MGB outer spring as the starting position. AS I mentioned above we still have a 20% over spec MGB spring set if we need more.

Is it too late to obtain spring recommendations from Crane Cams? Yes out of business for a number of years.

Just a couple of other notes:  We did NOT and could not us the MGB retainer the MGB valve stem is to large.

Be careful if you’re proposing to use the MGB retainers that the angle etc. of the collet seat is the same. Also ensure the MGB retainers will maintain the same installed height. Don’t expect alternative retainers to automatically do this.

Remember too that the exhaust and inlet valves on the Renault use different collets IIRC . . I have no idea why. 
It is my understanding that collets are different so you cannot mix up exhaust vs. Intake valves, however the retainers are the same.
Anyone know if Eddie sold this? I found this youtube video that was apparently posted in June of last year. Eddie's car was #2068r, probably came on the boat with my 2069r.
FS/WTB: Europa Parts / Re: WTB: S2 interior door panels...ANY CONDITION!!
« Last post by Gary t on Sunday,January 21, 2018, 03:11:24 PM »
Yes, a right hand for a type 54.
Pm me
FS/WTB: Europa Parts / Re: WTB: S2 interior door panels...ANY CONDITION!!
« Last post by Europa73 on Sunday,January 21, 2018, 02:31:54 PM »

Are you still looking for the door cards?

I have 2, plus the inserts for both sides.

the covering is in good condition.

the cards are in great condition

Let me know and I can send pics.
Garage / Re: Ongoing builds
« Last post by surfguitar58 on Sunday,January 21, 2018, 12:01:29 PM »

Been lurking on this forum for a while trying to gather info for my own restoration. I’ve been documenting the progress here:

I’m at the point where I’ll probably need some expert assistance so expect incoming stupid questions imminently

Great car and an even better story! Can't wait to follow the progress of your rebuild. As a 6'2" person myself, brace yourself for a lot of "what ever were you thinking" comments from your unenlightened friends. Tragically, the only negative aspect of this project is the eviction of a family of largish mammals from your battery box who are now homeless. Sad.
Garage / Re: Ongoing builds
« Last post by BDA on Sunday,January 21, 2018, 11:47:08 AM »
A little pitting may enhance oil retention!  :)
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